About Us
Since 2015, we have been producing FDA and EPA approved wet wipes, cleaning products, biocidal products, disinfectants and anti-bacterial products in ISO and GMP quality standards in our production facilities. We export our products to many countries of the world .

Our company, which prioritizes providing the best service to its customers with High Quality in production , continues its service with the necessary quality certificates.
Aiming to be a leading organization beneficial to the society, economy, environment and country, to its suppliers and customers, with whom it cooperates, by maintaining its innovative structure. It produces and distributes its products with the highest quality and result-oriented sustainable perspective.

Our goal is; To ensure unconditional customer satisfaction with our colleagues, to be known as a reliable and distinguished Turkish brand worldwide by producing within the framework of international quality standards.
To aim for continuous improvement, to follow and apply technological developments, to sell environmentally friendly materials as much as possible and to be respectful to the environment.
Based on the philosophy of customer satisfaction, our most important vision is to be among the respected companies of the country in wet wipes and other cleaning products, as well as to be a reliable and respected organization in the world by developing quality products that will provide innovation and convenience and to meet the needs of the customers in line with their wishes and to represent our country in the best way.